FIMBLE cleverly deals with 3D building information

We map data from existing and new real estate.

What we do

Our office focuses on facilitating building information throughout the life cycle of a building. From design to management, we offer services that support your organization.


You can contact us for the 3D digitization and modeling of buildings and buildingparts. Based on our 3D models we can supply different kinds of building related data.


We can deliver access to up-to-date building information everywhere and at any time. Current technical developments require companies in the building industry to get to information fast and easy. Supplying you with the right building information we deliver more insight into buildings, we can help you to make better decisions and limit risks.


Our experience is that applying and using 3D building information in an organization works great. And because every organization is unique, has its own wishes and ways to work, we help with smart applications.


Do you want to know what we can do for you?

On the page cases you will find practical examples in which you can read how we have already helped existing customers with the creation, organization and / or implementation of 3D building information.

A selection of our clients


Building data anytime and anywhere accessible for the right person. We believe that current technical developments asks for a digital environment for building management. With the right building information, you can make better decisions, have a better understanding of your property and limited risks. In this way we add value to your business and building whether you want to renovate, manage or invest in a building.

By organizing building data we make building information accessible and future-proof. You can contact us for digitizing your building into an intelligent 3D model. We advise and support you in the use a 3D building information model (BIM) during the operation phase of a building. When you recreate your building portfolio in 3D, you will gain control of actual building information.

So if you are looking for more insight into your building, easier access to information or no longer have current and accurate drawings, we can help you! Our services provide solutions during the design, build and maintenance phase.

An overview of the services we offer:
– BIM for FM services
– Revit modelling services
– 3D building portfolio
– 3D laser scanning
– Interactive visualisations, 360 panorama views
– Measured surveys
– Plans and area reports (NEN 2580)
– Bimkeeper, a web service to access building data.

You can reach us during office hours and 24/7 via email.



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